Heres my first little venture into the world of handmade plush toys. “Blasters!” There are 7 in total, all different colors and the black one glows! They will be available at gallery 1988 this tuesday night! Dont miss the show if you’re around Los Angeles.


6 Responses to “blasters!”

  1. fourcrows Says:

    These are too adorable for words! Great job!

  2. Audrey Says:

    WOW I wanna adopt one! Awesome they’re so cute 😉

  3. marjon Says:

    aw they are so cool 🙂
    They really look great!

  4. camerontiede Says:

    Hey everyone

    Thanks for the positive response. Truth be told I’m not very good at sewing but these sure were fun to make. Contact Gallery 1988 to start the adoption process…


  5. Savage Says:

    I noticed that your work wasn’t up at gallery1988 online
    and I wanted to know if it had already sold out. I like your style, thanks for starting your blog.

  6. camerontiede Says:

    I have no idea if they’ve all sold. I noticed a number of amazing pieces never got posted though…


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