Edgar Sculpt

As some of you may know, the first figures of my “13 friends” toy line will start to be released in a couple months time.

I often get questions about how to produce designer toys. I’m not really sure there is one way of doing it, however I thought I’d show a couple pics of the process. After I’ve completed the initial turn-around drawings, a scuplt of the figure is produced.

Edgar is the first of 4 figures, I’ll be sure to post production pics of the other characters in the coming days…


4 Responses to “Edgar Sculpt”

  1. Savage Says:

    Did you sculpt it and what was used to sculpt it? Was it done to scale? Thanks!

    (I just have to say that I saw your “Acid Rain” qee at SDCC06 http://www.oldmanmusings.com/category/2006-san-diego-comic-con/
    and it looks sweet.)

  2. camerontiede Says:

    I’d like to lie and tell you I’m a brilliant at sculpting, but I’m not. So in short -no its not done by me. The team we worked with that sculpted my stuff are amazing. Whats really cool is that the final figure has articulation in the hands arms and head.


  3. Craig M. Says:

    Will the vynil toys be availible at Munkey King? If not, where can I find them?

  4. camerontiede Says:


    We’ve been talking with Munky King and the toys should be available there. However keep in mind that were looking to only produce roughly 500 of each. So they will be very limited, but as a result highly collectable… If your on the email list I’ll keep you posted.


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