As I’m very particular about how my paintings are presented, I’ve been making my own frames for years. Up untill recently the paitings heve been floating in a thin, deep, lightly stained wood frame. For the the past several weeks I’ve been messing around with how to frame my work in the future. Frames are now black, thick and shallow -paintings are still floating and the back board is still custom painted. I may still do stained wood by request, not really sure. Below is a sample of the new framing…

for those of you that have not seen an original old wood stainded framed piece in the past here is a sample…

3 Responses to “framing”

  1. Renate Says:

    The new frame is MUCH better! At least, I like it better.

  2. camerontiede Says:

    Thanks, I really think so too the more I look at it, however I wish I could do I side by side comparison with the same painting…


  3. Savage Says:

    Nice work framing and the colorful matting. I really like your artistic style and you use of color and shapes.

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