octopus jam

Heres another t-shirt design to be released next week for the guys  – “Octopus Jam”

3 Responses to “octopus jam”

  1. Kirsty (the south african one) et al Says:

    DUDE! All I can say is that I’m off to get the drawing that you did for my boys off the wall of their room and put it in a Very Safe Place so we can cash it in for the college fund one day very soon.

    So very excellent to see of your excellence!

    Not that there was ever any doubt of course.

    The only problem with a blog and stuff is that freaks from your past can track you down. When our Christmas card was returned I knew I had a mission. It was quite the ordeal..typing your name into google and clicking on Go. But I do feel a great sense of accomplishment now.

    So hey!! Email/call/send up smoke signals and tell us what is UP with you guys!!

  2. thebrideofthemonster Says:

    Nice drummer.

  3. Izzie W Says:

    Cool! I’m ubering for it! (The audience cheers and begins to chant “More! More!”)
    Do you have a size medium for males?

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