FLCL Canti X Cameron Pics

As promised a little over a week ago – here are pics of my FLCL Canti X Cameron Figure. The release will be at the New York Comic Con this Thursday Feb 23 at the Kaching Brands Booth (#639).  This one is limited to only 100 pieces…


5 Responses to “FLCL Canti X Cameron Pics”

  1. s4ndm4n Says:

    best looking canti i’ve seen yet! Awesome!

  2. naota Says:

    wow. i love that style of art. and Lord Canti never looked weirder. lol nice job.

  3. acararobert Says:

    it is pretty but it dos not do Canti’s coolness justice. Maybe try for cool and pretty next time

  4. acararobert Says:

    a darker blue will do nicely (sorry about making vague suggestions)

  5. Sean Says:

    I was wondering if there were two versions of these made. I always see one called the “salsa” series.

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