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I am 8-bit 3.0

April 19, 2007

Well I may be a couple days late getting this up but on Tuedesay night I was part of the “I am 8-bit” show – celebrating all those classic video games you love – at gallery 1988. This is one of the hottest shows of the year, if you’re anywhere close to Los Angeles (say with in a thousand miles) I’d go check it out! Its up for about 3 or 4 weeks. I’ve got a couple pieces in the show…

Pop Cling Vinyl Show

April 19, 2007

Tonight at Munky King Melrose its the Pop Cling Vinyl Show – featuring an exhibition of adhesive art instillations. I’ve cooked up something extra special for this one… Giant hanging mobiles!  If you wanna see ’em I guess You’ll have to come on out to the show! Promise I’ll post pics on the blog after the opening. Many of the artists including myself will be there so you should be too.  Heres the flier for the show…

Attack of the 19 inch Zliks

April 19, 2007

I’m in the “Attack of the 19 inch Zliks” show this Friday night in New York at My Plastic Heart! His name is “Vicarious Vegitation” and I went all out on this one, with the pieces I added on top he stands almost 30 inches tall! I promised not to show shots of the whole piece until after the opening, so heres a few teaser shots…

Donkey Kong

April 4, 2007

heres a little teaser piece of my work for the I am 8-bit show at Gallery 1988. The show opens in a couple weeks. I’ll post the whole piece when its done.