limited edition “Innocuous Inferno” print

Update -SOLD OUT! (in only a couple days -ouch!) -Sorry!

I’m currently releasing one of the images from my recent show at La Luz as a print. The edition is ultra low – only 20 – in order to keep the value and collectability high! At the same time I’m trying to keep these as affordable as possible for those of you that may not be able to afford an original piece. The image size is 13 X 8 inches and total paper size 17 X 12 inches. Printed on 100% archival acid free cotton velvet paper, hand signed and numbered. Packaged in an acid free crystal clear poly bag with acid free backing board, shipped flat! (not in a tube) You can pick one up here in my online store

5 Responses to “limited edition “Innocuous Inferno” print”

  1. Sir Henry Says:

    Thanks, Cameron! I just purchased one. Can’t wait to get it.

  2. Dave Says:

    Great piece. Your blog is a lot of fun. Always new info and occasionally a neat surprise for us (like the print).

  3. Nelson Says:

    Got mine yesterday and it is GORGEOUS!
    Do more please:)

  4. durch Says:

    Hey Cameron,
    This is Lois’s son, and madre snagged one of these prints for my laddies. I am pretty stoked. My mom has brought me over to the dark side, eraditicating any trace of a desire to have 50 greg olsen paintings in every room, and I am stoked to have one of these. Good Luck

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