2 new prints in the store

Just in time for the holidays! I’ve just released 2 new prints “Precipitation Party” and “Dancing with Death.” Both can be picked up here in my online store.

As always I’m keeping the edition size for both prints very low in order to keep the value and collectability high, while at the same time I’m trying to keep them affordable. –there are only 25 of each. The only other print I released this year sold out in a couple days! – so if you want one don’t hesitate.

They are printed on 100% archival acid free matte velvet paper with pigment based inks, hand signed and numbered. Packaged in an acid free crystal clear poly bag with acid free backing board, shipped flat! (not in a tube)

And to top things off my Christmas gift to you is Free Shipping! So give yourself or someone else a holiday treat…


3 Responses to “2 new prints in the store”

  1. Sir Henry Says:

    Brilliant, Cameron! I am wicked happy that you made these available before X-mas. Can’t wait to get mine.

  2. spleenal Says:

    I love your whacky, cartoon style

  3. Vhrsti Says:

    I visit your blog frequently and I’m always glad to see your great pictures. Thanks!

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