a bunch of shots from my “Analog Punch” show

Now that the dust has settled I’ve finally got a little time to put up some shots from my show this past weekend. Hopefully it gives those of you that were not able to make it a taste of the show , the shots are in no particular order -enjoy…

4 Responses to “a bunch of shots from my “Analog Punch” show”

  1. Cameron Tiede’s Analog Punch | ToyCyte: Toy Culture Collected Says:

    […] Tiede just posted a bunch of pictures from his Analog Punch show at La Luz Gallery. If you visit the gallery’s site, you’ll notice that some of his […]

  2. Kristie Says:

    Very impressive. I wish I could have seen it in real life. The big painting I saw you working on turned out very nicely. I like your picture with Olivia too. Good Job!

  3. Ryan Says:

    Hey Cameron!! I love the paintings and especially love the picture of you and Olivia. (she’s your best work yet!)

  4. HB9 Says:

    Wow. this is amazing work. I love it!
    keep up the good work.

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